1. Review of the property to ensure the house meets all current codes e.g CO2 detectors
  2. Our contractors will inspect to ensure the property does not have any issues such leaks, paint chips or cleanliness issues prior to leasing - move out and move in pictures of the condition of the property
  3. After tenant is placed we inspect the property, interior and exterior, within 100 days of placement to ensure tenant is maintaining the property and has not violated the terms of the lease
  4. Provide timely contractor or handyman services for repairs
  5. Facilitate Insurance Claims if needed
  6. Pre-Section 8 rental inspection to ensure property meets Section 8 standards
  7. Computer based software record keeping with monthly reports
  8. Provide an annual tax statement
  9. On call maintenance available most hours and emergency services as needed


  1. Tenant application and full tenant screening with verification of all information including identity
  2. Rental History verification and Court record background check 
  3. Rental Lease and House Rules Addendum signed by all adult residents of prioperty
  4. Monitor of rent collections by tenant and property
  5. Routine Inspections of tenant and property beginning within 100 days of lease
  6. Monitoring of CO2 and Smoke Detectors per new Baltimore City codes - tenant responsibility to maintain
  7. Rent Court filings and representation in court
  8. Breach of Lease letters and court filings 
  9. Evictions with representation and contractor on site to change locks and inspect property
  10. Compliance to all Federal and State regulations to ensure Compliance to Fair Housing rules